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Configuring the Trackables Badges


There are two ways for BadgeGen to get the required information (number of trackables moved/discovered) in order to award these two badges.  The first way is to manually enter the number of geocoins and travel bugs moved/discovered in their respective forms within BadgeGen.  The second way is to keep an up-to-date "My Trackables" database using the AddTrackables.gsk macro by KaiTeam.


Method 1: Manually enter numbers.

1) Run the BadgeGen macro.  Choose Edit on the main form under the "Trackables" heading.

2) Enter the number of Travel Bugs Moved/Discovered and the number of Geocoins Moved/Discovered.

If you are unsure what numbers to place in these boxes, click Open Browser to profile page.  This will open your geocaching profile page, assuming you are logged in (with a cookie) on the geocaching.com website.  You can then count add the number of "Travel Bug Dog Tags", "Unite for Diabetes Travel Bugs" and "Jeep Travel Bugs" up and enter this in the first box.  Then scroll down to the bottom and find the total number of trackables moved/discovered.  You can then subtract the number of travel bugs from this number to find the number of geocoins that you have moved/discovered. (Since there are so many categories of geocoins, it saves a lot of time to do this subtraction).


3) Press Save and the macro will return to the main form, saving your new numbers.  Every time you move a travel bug or geocoin, you need to manually perform steps 1 and 2.





Method 2: Automatically calculate from "My Trackables" database. (for more advanced users as it requires an additional macro to be run)

1) Use the AddTrackables.gsk macro that KaiTeam has written to add all of your moved/discovered trackables to a "My Trackables" database. Since this is a tutorial for BadgeGen, I will not go into detail on how to do this.


2) Run the BadgeGen macro.  Choose Edit on the main form under the "Trackables" heading.

3) Choose I keep an up-to-date "My Trackables" database. Press Save.  BadgeGen will then check to make sure you actually do have a "My Trackables" database. If it cannot find your "My Trackables" database, you will be prompted with a warning.  If it does find it, you will not be prompted.  The macro will return to the main form, showing AUTO in the boxes.