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This is a list of badge ideas that have been suggested along with a "status" on their development.

Badge Description Status Explanation
Caching Karma A badge based on the caching karma of a cacher. X Caching Karma is a ratio. Ratios change. Since badges represent "achievements" it should be relatively impossible to lose a badge.
Trackable Owner A badge based on the number of trackables a cacher owns. X This badge can essentially be bought. It is no real accomplishment to purchase trackables and it is only a measurement of how much money a person can put into buying trackables.
Unique Types in a day Awarded based on the number of distinct cache types found on one calendar date. P This badge may be added to BadgeGen in the future.
"Location Dependent" Badges Badges that are based on a certain location where only cacher living in a certain area of the world could achieve high standings (separate from the State badges) X This badge will not be made, based mainly on the fact that it will not be fair to certain cachers as they will have no chance at the badge, and the fact that if one location-specific badge was added, cachers from different areas would want similar badges and the potential for growth is just too large.
Finds by Cache Owner Badge based on the number of different cache owners that you have found caches by P Potential idea. Will potentially be added at some point in the future.
Second/Third-to-Find Badge based on "STF's" and "TTF's" (Similar to FTFs) X Impossible to calculate. Not a common or notable statistic/accomplishment. See here for an explanation.
Cache-to-Cache Distance Badge based on total mileage between caches P This is a potential badge.
Challenges Badge based on number of challenges completed. X Challenges are no longer supported by Geocaching.com
Waymark owner Badge based on number of Waymarks placed X Waymarking and geocaching are separate games. BadgeGen is for Geocaching.
Finds by month placed A badge based on placed months of caches you have found. I This badge may be added. Data collection has begun in the BETA. Don't expect the badge too soon though.

Status Codes:
W - Waiting (waiting on a change in either geocaching.com or GSAK)
X - Not going to happen
I - In Development (routine has been added to the macro and data collection has begun)
P - Potential (Badge has potential to be added. I just need a method to calculate it)
L - Likely (Badge is likely to be added when I get time).