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Why does BadgeGen say I need a version of GSAK that doesn't exist?
The "release" versions of GSAK are released periodically but sometimes new features are added to GSAK in "patches". BadgeGen sometimes utilises these patches and, when that is the case, you must download the patch from the pinned "Updates" thread here. It will be called something like 8.1.1 Updates.

Why don't I receive a badge?
Usually, if a person isn't receiving any badges (or isn't receiving a specific badge that they should be) the user hasn't selected the "Display..." check box on the options screen of the macro. Make sure that all boxes are checked in this section of the options. Also, you have have chosen to only display badges above a minimum level. Change this option to "Bronze" to see all badges. If this doesn't fix it, there are specific problems that occur with specific badges. If you can't find your answer in the FAQs, try posting your question in the appropriate GSAK forum thread.

Why does BadgeGen miscount some badges?
BadgeGen V2.4.0 and greater counts your found logs instead of your found caches. This is to allow the possibility of logging one cache multiple times. If your database is missing any logs, it will result in an incorrect count. Try generating a "My Finds" Pocket Query and loading it into your found database to make sure that BadgeGen does not miss any caches that you have found.

What is "The Cacher" badge that appears as the first badge in the "More Information" table?
If you don't select any countries for the state badges, this will appear. In BadgeGen, select at least one country (usually your home country) and then this "pseudo-badge" will disappear.

Why am I not getting the Ten Year! event Badge?
Geocaching doesn't separate Ten Year! events from normal events in GPX files so BadgeGen needs a way to recognise that the event you attended is indeed a Ten Year! event. In GSAK, go to the event, right-click on it and select "Add/Change/Delete Note...". Then, in the note section (the top box) type "BadgeGen10YearEvent" or "FindStatGen10YearEvent" (without quotes). BadgeGen will then recognize it as a Ten Year! event.

How do I get the Benchmark and Waymark badge to appear?
Make sure that your Waymark and Benchmark finds are loaded into your found database. Right-click on each waymark and click "Edit...". Make sure that "Found" is checked and change the Cache Type to the correct type. Press OK. Repeat this for all Benchmarks and Waymarks. The process for getting Benchmarks and Waymarks to appear in BadgeGen is a fairly manual process.

Why does BadgeGen report different numbers than FindStatGen?
BadgeGen (V2.4.0 and higher) and FindStatGen both count your found logs. If you are missing logs in your database, BadgeGen will not see that you have found the cache. Try loading a new "My Finds" pocket query if you are a Premium Member at Geocaching.com.
This problem does not occur in FindStatGen because if you are missing a log, it creates a "dummy" log. BadgeGen cannot accurately do this because it will affect the calculation of specific badges.

Why is my consecutive day count incorrect?
There are two things that may cause this issue:
1) If you log your caches on an iPhone, this may be why. Groundspeak had problems with log times and logging from an iPhone. Make sure that the log dates are correct in GSAK. [Note: BadgeGen V3.2 and later includes a fix for this.]
2) You may be missing logs. See Why does BadgeGen report different numbers than FindStatGen?.

Can I exclude a cache from being counted?
No. If you have found the cache, BadgeGen counts it. It would be cheating in most circumstances to be able to exclude caches from being counted. If the posted coordinates are throwing off your "distance" badges, try using the Corrected Coordinates feature of GSAK.

Why is my maximum distance from home incorrect?
BadgeGen attempts to determine your home coordinates, but if it cannot, it uses a random default set of coordinates (in the middle of Manitoba, Canada) so that no errors occur when it tries to calculate the distance. On the main BadgeGen screen, check "Override" and enter your correct home coordinates. Press OK and BadgeGen should now correctly report the distance.

How do I integrate BadgeGen with FindStatGen and/or GenUploadStats?
Check out this tutorial.

Does "The Author" badge only include found logs?
Yes. "The Author" badge counts only found logs. If your log is too large and you had to split it up into a found log and a note, only the found log length will be counted.

How do I tell BadgeGen that I have a FTF?
BadgeGen can't tell whether or not you were the first to find a cache so you have to tell GSAK. In GSAK, right-click on the cache and put a checkmark in First to Find box and then press OK.

Why does BadgeGen not award the (My Country) Badge when I've found caches in that country?
Most likely, the "State" column for those caches is blank. Geocaching.com does not include the state information for some countries in the GPX files (if it isn't in the list of states on the geocaching.com search page, it isn't included in the GPX files). Your second option is to run the CountryStateCounty.gsk macro on your database to fill in the missing state data. However, this only works in GSAK supports the country's states. If running that macro doesn't help, your last resort is to manually edit each cache by right-clicking on it and choosing Edit and filling in the State field. Hint: For BadgeGen purposes, you really only need to tag one cache per unique state since the badge is based on number of states cached in and not the number of distinct caches.

Why is my country not included in the state badges?
BadgeGen only supports new countries as the desire for them arises. I didn't take the time to add all 200+ countries to the macro when many won't be used by anybody.
It is extremely simple for me to add more countries so, if you want a new country added, please send an email to me (Click Here) and I'll be happy to add it as soon as possible. The email must contain the name of the country and the number of "states" (or equivalent) that Geocaching.com recognises are in the country. If geocaching.com does not recognise any states, please include the number of states that are in the country. After it is added, there is no need to update the macro. All you need to do is re-run the macro and your country will appear in the list for you to select!