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The concept of installing and running macros can be confusing. Follow the steps below to learn how to install and run BadgeGen. The process of installing a macro is the same to all macros so these steps can be followed for other macros too.

1) Download BadgeGen.gsk

2) When asked whether to Open or Save the file, choose Open

3) GSAK will open (if not already open) and a message will appear. Choose Install and then OK.

4) The "Manage Macros Dialog" will open. Make sure BadgeGen is selected and then press Run.

5) When the BadgeGen menu appears, enter your information in the sections and set your options and press OK.

6) BadgeGen will go through your databases and analyse them.  This may take a few minutes.  When it is finished, a message will appear telling you how many badges you have been awarded.  Press OK.

7) Your badges will be shown in your default browser and the HTML code will be copied to your clipboard.  If you want to post it on your Geocaching.com profile, go to the page where you edit

To re-generate your badges, in GSAK, go to Macros > Run/Manage... (or press Ctrl+M) and follow steps 4-7 above.